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Server Status
Server Status

Latest News
Latest News

  • Raid Hub Client 1.1.37 Released 03-30-2014 This is a bug-fix release only.

    Margins restored to the alert windows!
    Now properly detects the path to EQ2 when you manually specify a log file to watch
    Hitting the Spell Timer “simulate on” button multiple times no longer crashes the client
    More debug output for shared parsing, now discards 0 DPS parses and logs what is being sent
    Gain ...

Raiders Corner
Raiders Corner

  • Supporting ALL EQDKP types Just a quick update – as of version 1.1.21, all versions of EQDKP are being supported.
    The Raids and Attendance and in-game commands all work for all versions.  Documentation will be updated to reflect this change.
    Previously just EQDKP+ 0.6 worked with R&A, but now it works for the original EQDKP release too!
    If you were waiting to ...