Pharinich the Forlorn

Tue, Mar 19, 2013 Strategy available at EQ-Raiders.COM

Spell Timers

        <SpellTimer Name="Ritual Devestation" CanSwipe="True" RemoveSeconds="15" TimerSeconds="54" WarningSeconds="3" WarningSpeak="${NAME} coming in ${WARNING_SECONDS} seconds! Joust NOW!" WarningSpeakOffset="6" WarningText="WARNING ${NAME} coming in ${WARNING_SECONDS} seconds! JOUST JOUST" />
        <SpellTimer Name="Touch of Famine" CanSwipe="True" DetectAllHits="True" DetectionSpeak="${VICTIM} move now!" DetectionText="${NAME} Detected! (Victim - ${VICTIM}) - MOVE NOW!" RemoveSeconds="15" TimerSeconds="38" />
        <SpellTimer Name="Poisoned Faith" RemoveSeconds="15" TimerSeconds="32" WarningSeconds="10" />