Mazarine the Queen

Tue, Mar 19, 2013 Strategy available at EQ-Raiders.COM

Spell Timers

<SpellTimer Name="Regal Touch" DetectionSpeak="Cure Curse ${TARGET}" DetectionText="${NAME} Detected! (Victim - ${VICTIM}) CURE CURSE ON ${TARGET}" ResistType="Curse" TimerSeconds="25" WarningTTSEnabled="False" />


<ParseTrigger Name="Queen Royal Guard Add" SpeechName="Royal Guard Add" EncounterName="Mazarine the Queen" Pattern="a royal guard" TimerSeconds="60" AlertWindowDisplayName="Adds" DetectionSpeak="Adds up" WarningSpeak="Adds soon - check target" WarningSpeakOffset="1" />

<ParseTrigger Name="Queen Regal Touch" BroadcastEnabled="True" SpeechName="Regal Touch" EncounterName="Mazarine the Queen" Pattern="Mazarine the Queen's Regal Touch hits You.*" TimerSeconds="18" DetectionText="BAD CURSE on {SOURCE}" DetectionSpeak="BAD CURSE on {SOURCE}" IsInfection="True" InfectionRemedySuccess="Cure" WarningText="BAD CURSE in 5 seconds!" WarningSpeak="bad curse in 5 seconds!" />