Current Release: 1.1.37

Raid Hub is compatible with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit.
If you are just getting started, download the Community Definitions Pack, extract the zip file, and copy the xml files into your client directory. This zip file contains all zones and encounters with triggers and spell timers!
When you sign up for a Raid Hub Server Trial Account, your Hub is prepopulated with the Community Definitions, which has spell timers and triggers for all of Destiny of Velious and Skyshrine ready to use!

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  • Raid Hub Client 1.1.37 Released 03-30-2014

    March 30, 2014

    This is a bug-fix release only. BUGFIXES

    • Margins restored to the alert windows!
    • Now properly detects the path to EQ2 when you manually specify a log file to watch
    • Hitting the Spell Timer “simulate on” button multiple times no longer crashes the client
    • More debug output for shared parsing, now discards 0 DPS parses and logs what is being sent
    • Gain setting no longer crashes sound system on certain cards
    • TTS Speed and Gain now actually work, code was ignoring settings and using builtin values
    • Certain variable substitutions on parse triggers no longer crash the client (edge case)

  • Raid Hub Client 1.1.36 Released 01-19-2014

    January 19, 2014



    Regex Tester

    Window for no longer expands when pasting long text. Input fields are now auto-wrapping textboxes.


    Upload button no longer activates when you create a client-only trigger or spelltimer


    Text To Speech

    • Gain is now controllable (boost RH volume!)
    • Speech Rate is now controllable, default rate has been increased to 3 (was 0). See the Audio/TTS section inside the setup wizard for these options.

    EQDKP Changes

    In-game dkp commands now obey dkp eligigble/ineligble settings from the UI. New in-game commands to control the same settings as the UI: /dkp on player  (enables eligibility, default for everyone is ON) /dkp off player (disables eligibility)

    Delayed Action Detection

    TTS Offset and Learn button now available for delayed action detection for spell timers and triggers

    Self-repeating Triggers and SpellTimers

    A trigger or spell timer with this option enabled will keep running until the encounter ends or a specified amount of repeats have been reached. For triggers without an associated encounter, it will stop when combat stops. All spell timers have associated encounter and will stop when the encounter ends. NOTE: There is an absolute maxcount of 500 hardcoded to prevent runaways.  Test these well! XML Attributes AutoRepeatEnabled=True/False (def: false)         AutoRepeatMaxCount=N (default: 50)         AutoRepeatEndWithEncounterEnabled=True/False (def: true)

    Alert Window Styling

        Four new visual styles are now available! Use the simulate button to see how each of these work. Each spelltimer/trigger can have its own visual look. XML Attribute TimerDisplayStyle=HorizontalProgressBar|Pie|Circle|SegmentedCircle|DottedCircle (default: HorizontalProgressBar) Samples are also available here:

    Simulate On/Off button

    Now available inside the editors – press this to make a trigger or spell timer activate itself. NOTE: for self-repeating triggers you may need to hit the off button. For triggers you can paste in a sample line of log text to validate your regex pattern and see how it will react.

    Triggers and Spell Timers

    New option to not re-arm during the warning phase (useful for break/afk time tracking), default is always rearm. XML Attribute: RearmDuringWarningEnabled=True/False (def: true)

    Secondary Window Alert Redirection

    (partial implementation) You can specify a trigger or spelltimer to be sent to a secondary window in the editors. If the secondary window is not displayed (user choice), all displayed timers will go to the primary alert window. NOTE: The new windows are not available this release, but will be in the next release due to complexity of adding new windows with directx overlays. XML Attribute TimerDisplayAsSecondaryEnabled=True/False (def: false)

  • RaidHub Client Version 1.1.35 Released 08-16-2013

    August 16, 2013

    HOTFIX EQDKP – now uses multiple methods to determine player id’s for EQDKP 1.0 RCx sites.  This code is being revamped so you can pretest functionality in the next release.

  • RaidHub Client Version 1.1.34 Released 08-11-2013

    August 11, 2013


    • EQDKP 1.0 RC5+ now properly maps all players in raid to their corresponding member id. This should resolve the raid creation/loot assignment problem. Thanks to all for helping diagnose this issue!

  • RaidHub Version 1.1.33 Released 08-07-2013

    August 7, 2013


    • More debug output for EQDKP site interaction, plus minor code fixes
    • Triggers no longer auto-remove their macros at the warning phase, you can now use 0 duration triggers and macros!


    • Fixed crash bug when showing strategies without a server configuration
    • Fixed crash bug when modifying encounters
    • Deleting an encounter now removes the spelltimers and saves as expected

  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.32 Released 05-18-2013

    May 18, 2013


    New installations no longer crash, there was an initialization bug due to refactoring of code.

  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.31 Released 05-16-2013

    May 16, 2013


    • Delayed action tab in editors is now greyed out depending on user role.
    • The new windows properly save and show on startup.
    • DirectX overlays working again, the Injector DLL is now versioned along with the release.  The DX Overlays of the new windows can now be moved and their locations saved as expected – doh!

  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.30 Released 05-15-2013

    May 15, 2013


    • New Alert Windows! By request, the main alert window has been broken down into smaller components that can be displayed independently. The old alert window is now referred to as “Unified Alerts”.
      • Unified Alerts – the default RH all-in-one window
      • Separate Windows for Infections/Spell Timers/Triggers
      • DirectX Overlays are supported for the new windows
    • New option (Terminate) is now available for Spell Timers and Triggers to prevent termination of active timers on mob death. This is a special case where there is a doppleganger the timers will stop prematurely when the double dies, but the primary mob is still alive. The default setting is to terminate when the mob dies.  (This should help with Overlord Talan encounter)
    • EQDKP Related
      • New Version Selector – by default RH will try to detect which version of EQDKP is being used. Highly recommend setting this to your specific version! The detection code can fail depending on the site.
      • NEW Retry code disable option. If you are having problems with RH making multiple submissions, disable the retry code. This helps with non-English sites.
      • NEW EQDKP+ 1.0 Beta RC5 item id support. RH will post item id’s to a site, which allows the itemstats to distinguished same-name items (like Rack). Very cool work by Darkmaeg to get this going!


    • A bug with spell timer speed optimization caused spells by similarly named encounters to not be processed. This is the cryptic way to say “Bastion” and “Bastion the Immovable” can now be distinguished!
    • Stub fix – if encounter added with trigger editor, there was no spelltimer section to modify, and it didn’t save any spelltimers – RH can now handle when the stub is not well-formed.
    • Swipe calculation works again – it was allowing stacking – doh! Tuzerk taught me a lesson in mechanics!
    • Multi-hit spell timers – now properly substitutes ${VICTIM} in detection and TTS areas.
    • Additional fix for “Out of memory” issue has been implemented, hopefully this resolves the problem.


    • Definitions are now saved with minimal size – if an option uses the default value, it will not be added to the saved version of the definition. Much easier to share/compare definitions!
    • Infections – if you set the resist type, the infection cure detection would not work properly, it will now match and clear as expected. Remember setting it to Unknown will use a regex from the Remedy Success field, and cured Curses will be detected for you (remedy success is ignored for all resists types except Unknown).

  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.29 Released 03-20-2013

    March 20, 2013

    Hotfix Release for EQDKP+ 1.0 RC4+ The retry code ended up causing RH to submit up to 15 raids and not matching up character id’s properly  (depending on the site settings).  The code is now much more resilient to timeouts plus differences in the site settings. P.S. For those not getting the automatic updates – try running wyupdate.exe inside the RH installation folder, that will force it to update.  I’m still debugging why this is happening (it’s happening on my win8 box!)  

  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.28 Released 03-19-2013

    March 19, 2013


    • Automatic log detection improvements – Windows 8 and possibly other OS’s were caching the file attributes. Typing /log in game twice will now work as expected. Redesign of auto detection is underway (again!)
    • EQDKP - now supports Chinese eqdkp sites. - now shows error message when item submission fails due to timeouts vs crashing, doh
    • Safety check when swapping servers – will no longer crash if one of the servers has no config folder (this really a re-install bug).
    • Cancelling the setup wizard on initial install no longer crashes the client if a log path has not been set (edge case)
    • Client Diagnostics no longer crashes if there is no server configured
    • Client Diagnostics no longer crashes if it is opened while definitions are being refreshed (edge case,rare)
    • Phonetics and Archetype filters are working again! An error message is displayed in the chat window if there is a problem caching phonetics.