Help! It’s not doing anything!

Sat, Jan 14, 2012 The most common issue is getting the log file setup correctly, the second is UAC (User Account Control).  First, if you have UAC enabled, make sure you run Raid Hub as administrator.  It needs permission to read the logfiles under your EQ2 installation directory. Next… Here’s how to make sure your logging is configured so Raid Hub can do it’s work: Launch Everquest2.exe, then pull up the Task Manager in Windows, Select Processes, find EverQuest2.EXE in the list, right click it and select “Open File Location” That will give you the real path to EQ2. Use that path plus “logs” Next type /log in game to make sure logging is ON. If you mouse/hover over the log file name in red at the bottom, it will display the full path it is trying to use, compare that with the location found above. NOTE: If you two-box you’ll have to use the Manual setting and specify which character you are playing.