Community Timers and Triggers!

Thu, Dec 29, 2011 There’s a new section under the user guide for community timers. My intent is to provide timers and triggers that anyone can use, it’s up to your raid force to execute! Every DoV raid zone is represented, in addition to global/general timers and triggers. You can import these right into Raid Hub, fine tune them, and if you like, post a comment if they need to be adjusted. If you have a timer/trigger to add, just post! These timers and triggers are built from personal experience in these zones, in addition to information derived from EQ-Raiders.COM. I do not have information for every encounter since I haven’t beaten them all. You may see some placeholders and “untested” comments, particularly in Challenge Mode, but there’s a ton in there to help you get started. Check out Community Timers and Triggers section! I Hope you like this addition! Mecrab of Guk