Raid Hub Client 1.1.36 Released 01-19-2014

Sun, Jan 19, 2014



Regex Tester

Window for no longer expands when pasting long text. Input fields are now auto-wrapping textboxes.


Upload button no longer activates when you create a client-only trigger or spelltimer


Text To Speech

  • Gain is now controllable (boost RH volume!)
  • Speech Rate is now controllable, default rate has been increased to 3 (was 0). See the Audio/TTS section inside the setup wizard for these options.

EQDKP Changes

In-game dkp commands now obey dkp eligigble/ineligble settings from the UI. New in-game commands to control the same settings as the UI: /dkp on player  (enables eligibility, default for everyone is ON) /dkp off player (disables eligibility)

Delayed Action Detection

TTS Offset and Learn button now available for delayed action detection for spell timers and triggers

Self-repeating Triggers and SpellTimers

A trigger or spell timer with this option enabled will keep running until the encounter ends or a specified amount of repeats have been reached. For triggers without an associated encounter, it will stop when combat stops. All spell timers have associated encounter and will stop when the encounter ends. NOTE: There is an absolute maxcount of 500 hardcoded to prevent runaways.  Test these well! XML Attributes AutoRepeatEnabled=True/False (def: false)         AutoRepeatMaxCount=N (default: 50)         AutoRepeatEndWithEncounterEnabled=True/False (def: true)

Alert Window Styling

    Four new visual styles are now available! Use the simulate button to see how each of these work. Each spelltimer/trigger can have its own visual look. XML Attribute TimerDisplayStyle=HorizontalProgressBar|Pie|Circle|SegmentedCircle|DottedCircle (default: HorizontalProgressBar) Samples are also available here:

Simulate On/Off button

Now available inside the editors – press this to make a trigger or spell timer activate itself. NOTE: for self-repeating triggers you may need to hit the off button. For triggers you can paste in a sample line of log text to validate your regex pattern and see how it will react.

Triggers and Spell Timers

New option to not re-arm during the warning phase (useful for break/afk time tracking), default is always rearm. XML Attribute: RearmDuringWarningEnabled=True/False (def: true)

Secondary Window Alert Redirection

(partial implementation) You can specify a trigger or spelltimer to be sent to a secondary window in the editors. If the secondary window is not displayed (user choice), all displayed timers will go to the primary alert window. NOTE: The new windows are not available this release, but will be in the next release due to complexity of adding new windows with directx overlays. XML Attribute TimerDisplayAsSecondaryEnabled=True/False (def: false)