Raid Hub Client 1.1.5 Released 05-04-2012

Fri, May 4, 2012 This is primarily a performance release, with some minor additions.  Significant performance improvements have been made.

New Feature

You can now disable performance data collection to further reduce CPU usage, see Tools->Preferences->Performance Collection Enabled (this is on by default)


Performance startup issue (and running issue) when loot window fills up with items with very long. Trigger editor – the pattern field is now a wrapping textbox so you can enter very large regular expressions and not have to expand the window size ${WARNING_SECONDS} now available in Spell Timers and Triggers text and TTS fields ${ATTACKER} now available in Spell Timers and Triggers – uses same substitution as ${NPC} ${VICTIM} now available in Spell Timers Editors – default text for speech and output is now prepopulated Trace.txt files are now preserved to aid in debugging crashes


Loot History Window no longer auto-loads saved history. Use the context menu to load loot if you crash.