Raid Hub Client v1.1.7 Released 05-31-2012

Thu, May 31, 2012

IMPORTANT: This is a protocol breaking release – you MUST upgrade to this version if you are using a Raid Hub Server!  New APIs have been implemented to support feature additions.

New Features

Player and Mob phonetics are now supported! Don’t like how your name is pronounced, or the mob? You can now specify a phonetic spelling for both. Any TTS text containing ${NPC} ${SOURCE} ${TRIGGEREDBY} ${ATTACKER} ${TARGET} will be replaced with phonetic equivalents. Archetypes for players can also be specified, which will be used for future filtering features.    Check out the Tools->Character/Mob Attribute Editor. These are admin-controlled and shared by all connected players. Admin Diagnostics – Admin users now have a diagnostics window which will help debug connection/definition/logging issues – no more guessing if everyone is functioning. See Tools->Admin Diagnostics Client Diagnostics – A new wizard provides validation that the client is setup properly, see Tools->Client Diagnostics


Loot Window: Now tracks all items looted from Ornate and Exquisite Chests. Infections remedy success now uses regex for unknown types spell types – this lets you handle mobs like Malteor with much more precision TTS now has anti-spam coding, no more repeated messages when triggers are spammed from macros! Now locates the top-level everquest2 folder reliably, really 🙂 You can now specify the server name for your logs folder to faster character swap detections. Previously you had to use the logs dir only.


Broadcasted triggers now properly update the ${SOURCE} variable, as well as the ${TRIGGEREDBY} variable. No more miss-calls on mobs like Belkreize Blazeclaw! EQDKP Events no longer multiply in the saved settings. Alert Window Preferences is now scrollable Saving UI settings is now more reliable – you could end up with a corrupt file in certain cases Broken encounter messages will no longer reset timers and triggers (This helps with Dagarn Challenge Mode)