Version 1.0.86 Released 02-19-2012

Sun, Feb 19, 2012


Parser has been completely rewritten! New stats are exposed in the status bar. SP – Spell Parser, TP – Trigger Parser See lag in real-time! Tooltip over each displays the tick that required the longest time to parse. These indicators will also turn red if the parse time exceeds 2 seconds. Click the text to reset them back to zero. *This rewrite paves the way for the independent dps/hps parser. This method uses far less CPU than before, averaging 10%. IMPORTANT: If you are using the Community Timers, update your Triggers to use ^ at the beginning to ensure faster parsing.

Bug Fixes

  • Verdict now ends timers/triggers
  • Repeated /who or / commands in game could crash client
  • Bad shared parse data could result in client crash
  • EQDKP+ Add Raid command now works, date format was incorrect
  • EQDKP+ password is no longer plainly visible in the UI. NOTE: This is never shared with anyone, and is stored only on your PC.