Raid Hub Version 1.1.13 Released 08-27-2012

Mon, Aug 27, 2012


  • Archetype based filtering
  • Setup Wizard
  • Client Overrides completely redesigned
  • Start/End of Encounter now working!
This is fairly large release, please report any issues as soon as possible.


  • Archetype Filtering is IN! Filters are “suppression filters”, they remove a matching archetype from notification. Filters are OFF by default so all players received notifications. Use the editors to enable filters as desired.
  • Infection cure success now has TTS! Variable substitution is supported for ${NAME} and ${VICTIM}. The TTS can be disabled if desired with the new overrides.
  • New wizard for getting started and to redo all settings. See Tools->Setup Wizard for the new dialog locations. Can now reset UI positions to default, and much more.
  • CPU Affinity and Priority Boost is now available in the setup wizard.
  • ATI/AMD video card bugfix is a simple checkbox to enable in the setup wizard.
  • New Voice Selection option for TTS – Window 8 users have more voices to choose from!
  • EQDKP+ Attendance can now be managed with a new dialog window – add/remove players as needed and submit point adjustments. NOTE this only works for EQDKP+
  • Alert Window – Triggers and Spell Timers names can now be overridden with a Display Name. See the editor options for the new Display Name field. NOTE: If no display name is provided, the alert window will display the trigger or spell name as entered.
  • Alert Window foreground colors for Triggers and Spell Timers can now be set individually. See the editor options for the new color chooser. The alert window preferences provide default values if not specified.
  • Editors now have an upload pending definitions button, no more hunting through menus.


  • IMPORTANT!  Client overrides have been completely redesigned! New folder structure: config\client\definitions config\client\strategies config\server\definitions config\server\overrides config\server\strategies config\server\pending\definitions config\server\pending\strategies
If you had custom client triggers/spell timers, they need to be moved into config\client\definitions. If you had private strategies, they need to be moved into config\client\strategies. Any conflicts detected will be ignored and a warning will be displayed in the client diagnostics window. Server definitions always win – this is a change from the old behavior.
  • Phonetics are no longer case sensitive, any match will now work regardless of case. Duplicate entries will no longer be allowed – and it won’t crash the client.
  • Fixed the Phonetics editor to better handle potential duplicates and track new entries properly, and this dialog is now restricted to admins only. If those running standalone (no server) clients want to change phonetics for mobs, post on the forum and it will be enabled (just easier to restrict it for now)
  • Audio Controls/Server Settings/Log Settings are now inside the setup wizard
  • End of encounter detection has returned!
  • Admin Diagnostics updated to show the tick counter in the same tab as the zone/logfile listing, it also highlights issues in Red to quickly show problems!