Raid Hub Version 1.1.14 Released 08-29-2012

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

Hotfix release

No functional issues – these are just some tweaks that needed to be made.  The sound initialization corrected itself after running the setup wizard, but this ensure it works all the time.  The rest of the fixes are editor related.


  • Startup when upgrading versions will now properly initialize the sound system.
  • Creating a new category/zone/encounter will once again copy the new definition into the pending folder for testing.
  • Creating a new zone works again – paths were wrong, plus it only creates a stub zone file for the current tab type selected (Server/Client), much cleaner!
  • Creating a new encounter has been cleaned up to use the tab selection.
  • During startup RH now checks if you have definitions or strategies in config\client and offers to move them to the new paths. It will complain on startup every time until you move them or remove them.