Raid Hub Version 1.1.23 Released 02-05-2013

Tue, Feb 5, 2013

1.1.21/22 were short-lived, 1.1.23 replaced them due to important hotfixes


  • Infections can now have a specified expiration duration!   If a duration of 0 is specified, the default behavior is used.  If you specify a non-zero value, the infection will disappear after that number of seconds exactly.
  • Delta Timers can now use a detection count multiplier! If you specify a delta detection count, the delta will be applied after N detections have been made.
  • Crash information is now sent to the server to provide quicker turnaround on bugs.  The crash data is sent on login, nothing to click for it to be sent.
  • Now supports these EQDKP Versions in ALL areas:
    • EQDKP 1.3.2 (latest version of eqdkp)
    • EQDKP Plus (latest release of 0.6)
    • EQDKP Plus 1.0 RC3 (latest)


  • Spell Timers will now let you use ${VICTIM} in the warning TTS and warning text phase. Phonetics are used for TTS as expected.


  • General (global) triggers and spell timers will now be detected regardless of zone (does not require a zone to be set inside RH, for zone without definitions)
  • CPU Affinity and Priority will now save settings.
  • DirectX Overlay settings in the wizard will auto-save if you hit the inject button. Previously you had to save first, then inject.
  • DirectX Overlay in the setup wizard now properly shows it is attached/injected if you re-open the wizard.
  • EQDKP Raids and Attendance: Hitting refresh raids no longer appends the event list endlessly
  • EQDKP Settings window now properly saves all settings. Previously you had to tab out of a changed text area before it would apply.  It now applies as intended.
  • Saving changes to Triggers or Spell Timers is now safer! It was possible that saving trigger or spell timer changes could result in the loss of all of the “other” entries for the definition file.  The new method ensures this will never happen, and will inform you if there is a problem saving changes.
  • Now detects loot from Treasured Chests – sorry for the additional spam/trash loot showing up.  Send exclusions names if you want to filter them out.
  • Fixed crashing bug in trigger parser that can happen when new definitions are received.
  • Loot DKP Assignment window no longer forces lowercase on player names, oops!