Raid Hub Version 1.1.24 Released 02-06-2013

Wed, Feb 6, 2013 Important update – the bug-bash continues – please pick this version up, it is looking far more stable now.


  • EQDKP 1.0 RC3 support – no longer case sensitive when applying attendees and loot to players. Previously the looter/attendee had to exactly match case. RH now locates the matching site name and uses that vs the name displayed in game.


  • Audio initialization is now more robust and logs more details when there is a problem. The real bug here was the splash window/update checker timing. The DirectSound initialization now ensures there’s a handle on the main window. This should stop all the audio nonsense 🙂
  • Cure infection code had a crashing bug – edge case but it happened. Hurrah for the auto-crash bug filer!
  • EQDKP – crashing bug if URL entered is invalid. You will now be prompted if there is a problem with the the URL.
  • Splash Window/Update Window will no longer stay on top of everything. It also runs in software rendering mode by default.
  • Setup Wizard – no longer crashes when no path is selected by the folder chooser (chooser is closed before making a selection). A message box will display the cause of the problem.
  • Crashing bug in mini parse window menu handler has been fixed.