Raid Hub Version 1.1.28 Released 03-19-2013

Tue, Mar 19, 2013


  • Automatic log detection improvements – Windows 8 and possibly other OS’s were caching the file attributes. Typing /log in game twice will now work as expected. Redesign of auto detection is underway (again!)
  • EQDKP – now supports Chinese eqdkp sites. – now shows error message when item submission fails due to timeouts vs crashing, doh
  • Safety check when swapping servers – will no longer crash if one of the servers has no config folder (this really a re-install bug).
  • Cancelling the setup wizard on initial install no longer crashes the client if a log path has not been set (edge case)
  • Client Diagnostics no longer crashes if there is no server configured
  • Client Diagnostics no longer crashes if it is opened while definitions are being refreshed (edge case,rare)
  • Phonetics and Archetype filters are working again! An error message is displayed in the chat window if there is a problem caching phonetics.