Raid Hub Version 1.1.30 Released 05-15-2013

Wed, May 15, 2013


  • New Alert Windows! By request, the main alert window has been broken down into smaller components that can be displayed independently. The old alert window is now referred to as “Unified Alerts”.
    • Unified Alerts – the default RH all-in-one window
    • Separate Windows for Infections/Spell Timers/Triggers
    • DirectX Overlays are supported for the new windows
  • New option (Terminate) is now available for Spell Timers and Triggers to prevent termination of active timers on mob death. This is a special case where there is a doppleganger the timers will stop prematurely when the double dies, but the primary mob is still alive. The default setting is to terminate when the mob dies.  (This should help with Overlord Talan encounter)
  • EQDKP Related
    • New Version Selector – by default RH will try to detect which version of EQDKP is being used. Highly recommend setting this to your specific version! The detection code can fail depending on the site.
    • NEW Retry code disable option. If you are having problems with RH making multiple submissions, disable the retry code. This helps with non-English sites.
    • NEW EQDKP+ 1.0 Beta RC5 item id support. RH will post item id’s to a site, which allows the itemstats to distinguished same-name items (like Rack). Very cool work by Darkmaeg to get this going!


  • A bug with spell timer speed optimization caused spells by similarly named encounters to not be processed. This is the cryptic way to say “Bastion” and “Bastion the Immovable” can now be distinguished!
  • Stub fix – if encounter added with trigger editor, there was no spelltimer section to modify, and it didn’t save any spelltimers – RH can now handle when the stub is not well-formed.
  • Swipe calculation works again – it was allowing stacking – doh! Tuzerk taught me a lesson in mechanics!
  • Multi-hit spell timers – now properly substitutes ${VICTIM} in detection and TTS areas.
  • Additional fix for “Out of memory” issue has been implemented, hopefully this resolves the problem.


  • Definitions are now saved with minimal size – if an option uses the default value, it will not be added to the saved version of the definition. Much easier to share/compare definitions!
  • Infections – if you set the resist type, the infection cure detection would not work properly, it will now match and clear as expected. Remember setting it to Unknown will use a regex from the Remedy Success field, and cured Curses will be detected for you (remedy success is ignored for all resists types except Unknown).