Raid Hub Version 1.1.8 Released 06-16-2012

Sat, Jun 16, 2012

New Features:

Client Diagnostics now displays definition merge conflicts and overrides – no more guessing what is wrong (or right!) DKP Assignment now writes the item macro for EQDKP+!  Typically you have to type in “/dkp i <some dragged item>@COST Player” for each assignment.  If you use the dialog for assigning DKP,  the command will be generated for you, which can be invoked by an in-game macro with the contents “/do_file_commands rh-eqdkp.txt”.  Nifty!  Note that both the in-game and EQDKP macros are created so you can do double entry too!


IMPORTANT: Infections for Spells that have an unknown resist type now require a full regex string. This change lets infections be more flexible on what the remedy is.  Take a look at your remedies, you’ll want “anchored” regular expressions for best performance.  If you need help just send an email. I’ll update the community definitions with the changes. Infection remedy regexes are now applied and evaluated for all active items!  You can have a spell and a trigger with the same remedy pattern and clear them both.  The short explanation is – a trigger can be marked as an infection as well as a spell timer.  Only one of them would be cleared if they had the same regular expression.  RH now evaluates them all 🙂 Realtime Parser is always enabled regardless of window states, the RTP hasn’t shown significant CPU impact and is now enabled by default. This paves way for the new real-time shared parser coming soon (no more ACT needed!) plus encounter markers/playbacks. Client Diagnostics window is now scrollable, that window grew too big! EQDKP+: Individual adjustments will now display a message as each adjustment is made.  When doing group dkp additions RH would silently do all of the individual adjustments and appear to be doing nothing.  You will now see each person updated.

Bug Fixes:

You can now remove items from the phonetics editor! Client no longer crashes when creating new zones with a colon in the name (the filename hint now removes the colon) No longer crashes when importing a RH Trigger that is either invalid or empty, oops! Performance/FPS drops:  If you experience FPS drops when the RH alert window is over the EQ2 screen, set transparency OFF in Tools->Preferences->Alert Window Preferences and restart RH.   If you need to resize this window, set it to transparent and adjust, then swap back. Many ATI/AMD graphics cards + drivers do not work well with WPF transparency. NOTE: All windows have a transparency setting, toggling this will require restarting RH to apply the change. DKP Assignment window – Step 2 had the labels swapped, oops! Infections – when YOU kill the Malteor Add the infection will clear also (for any infection using the remedy pattern option, the pattern will look for You    and substitute your name and clear it)