Raid Hub Version 1.1.9 Released 07-14-2012

Sat, Jul 14, 2012

IMPORTANT: This is a protocol breaking release – you MUST upgrade to this version if you are using a Raid Hub Server! New APIs have been implemented to support feature additions.


EDQKP: the assign DKP dialog now has a button at step 3 to submit the item to your site. The in-game macro didnt work, so it has been removed. Loot Window now has a context menu option “Mark As Transmuted” to mark items that have been transmuted which shows up in the export summary. Loot Window now has an “Export Summary to CSV” which outputs a comma separated file Player List Window Admin can now mute a player – removing all broadcasts and chat. Use the new context menu in the player list to toggle. Muted players have their current character marked in “Light Blue” Admin can now mark a player as EQDKP Eligible or Ineligible. By default all players are eligible. Use the new context menu in the player list to toggle. Ineligible players have their login name in Grey. Broadcasting has been completely re-written. You can now view the last 100 broadcasts of spell timers and triggers in the Admin Diagnostics window.


Admin Diagnostics window has been converted into tabs to better group related items. Triggers no longer have “slack time”, get those timers right! Short explanation – RH would detect triggers up to 10 seconds earlier than the total duration specified. This helps with variable Spell Timers, but not with Triggers. If you are using a trigger to detect add spawns, you could end up seeing a trigger hit if the adds were still up 10 seconds prior to the next wave. This change prevents that case. Spell Timer broadcasts now have a fixed 3 seconds slack time to allow for early hits.


EQDKP+ item submission has more error handling – will now display issues when contacting your site Loading loot history now enables the export options. About Window now displays the correct version info.