RaidHub Version 1.1.26 Released 02-15-2013

Fri, Feb 15, 2013


  • Triggers can now use multi-hit/multi-source option. When this is enabled, the trigger will perform the detection while the timer is in the pre-warning phase. This lets you pick up a red-text that hits multiple players but keep the timer going without resetting. The restart on all detections option is mutually exclusive with this new option. If both are check, multi-hit wins. If the trigger has infections enabled, you will get new infections for the additional detections.
  • InfectionExpirationSeconds – This option is now available in the editors. Infections just got more useful!


  • Splash/Auto Updater window can now be moved, its location is higher than before – and no longer centered on screen covering raid invite windows!
  • Restoring RH from tray now restores all windows when you reshow the main window. Minimizing only hides the main window.


  • Save issues with the multi-server setup have been fixed, RH will not allow an empty server id to be saved.
  • Possible crash during minichat window updates
  • EQDKP 1.0 compatibility fixes – issue with custom cookie setting causing crash has been fixed.
  • EQDKP Settings Dialog now saves the cookie specified.
  • Possible crash during initial connection for a new installation (multi server code bug)
  • More resilient to bad paths due to old server settings.
  • Safer log file save method in setup wizard.
  • Trigger editor – no longer crashes if play sound is pressed without a selection
  • More Sound System work – if you’re still having issues please contact me.