Version 1.0.56 10/3/2011

Mon, Oct 3, 2011

Raid Hub Version 1.0.56 Released 10/3/2011

New Features:

  • Client strategies are now supported! Keep your secret info here!
  • Global Triggers and SpellTimers are working!  See docs for details.


Guild Management:

  • Removing a guild member now works

Alert Window

  • Swiped voice warnings no longer go off too early
  • Now terminates triggers when NPC dies (if possible)

Parse Window

  • Parse window updates when any mob is killed!
  • Parse Window now saves state
  • Parse Window can now be set to a fixed size and scrollbar appears as needed

Main Window

  • Help menu option now takes you to the docs on the website
  • Loot window now only shows Fabled items looted
  • Re-ordered the context menu for the loot window
  • Clearing the loot window now asks for confirmation
  • Status Bar – Server States are now color coded
  • Status Bar – Log filename will turn red if it has not been written to in the last 15 minutes (to help detect when typing /log is needed in game)
  • No longer crashes on initial setup if you hit save without entering any settings
  • Event Detection is MUCH faster!
  • Type /who to update your current zone in case of client crash
  • When disconnected from server, the tools menu is now greyed out


  • Categories/Zones can now be created from the Trigger Editor, as well as the Spell Timer Editor
  • When disconnected from the server, triggers and spelltimers now default to client sourced when creating new ones
  • Better default settings for ParseTriggers