Version 1.0.65 Released 11/13/2011

Sun, Nov 13, 2011

Version 1.0.65 Released 11/10/2011

New Features

  • Delta Timers! This unique feature lets you modify timers based on an offset and count. This is useful when encounters speed up spell casting (Aaranae Acrimae in Sullons!) and when adds spawn slower over time (like Mystikus Terrorwing in Tallons)!
See the docs at
  • Easier authoring! When creating hub-based spelltimers or triggers, the new settings become effective for the author before uploading. You can now develop without affecting other players, or being connected to your server!
  • Client to Hub Conversions Converting from Client to Hub timers and triggers is now supported! Just swap the popdown in the editor.


  • Clean installs now have sane startup sizes for the alert and parse windows