Version 1.0.72 Released 12-6-2011

Tue, Dec 6, 2011

New Features

  • Alert Window Infections can be color coded! This makes it easier to see which detrimental you need to take remedy.
  • Infections are now in their own section with a remedy option that will be displayed along with the person infected. No more guessing what to do!
  • There are new options for Spell Timers and Triggers to enable and disable detection/warning text, tts, sound.
  • Built-in sounds for warnings and detections!

Bug Fixes

  • Infections are now enabled for Triggers
  • Importing an ACT trigger no longer hoses up the Regular Expression.
  • Deleting client triggers no longer crashes the UI.
  • Importing Spell Timers no longer requires changing the imported name to save.