Version 1.0.82 – Released 02-03-2012

Fri, Feb 3, 2012

New Features

  • Raid Hub CPU and Memory Usage is now displayed in the status bar! Spot a memory leak or heavy cpu usage? Let me know!
  • Customize your Alert window! See Tools->Alert Window Settings.
You can now:
  1. Show/Hide Borders
  2. Show/Hide Labels
  3. Set main window to transparent, set color of background on inner frames
  4. Use “simply” styled progressbars
  5. Enable/Disable Hit/Warning flashes
  6. Set Text foreground
  7. Set background of progressbar, plus detection/running/warning colors for the bar fill
  • Mini-Output Window.  All Trigger/Timer detections can now be seen in a separate borderless, always on top window. Enable this by selecting View->Mini Output

Bug Fixes

  • Memory leak in speech player has been plugged
  • Speech and Media players are now threaded to prevent UI hang and timer interrupts when lots of audio is playing (more accuracy, less lag!)
  • Parse now works in UTF-8 like before (necessary for HM Modrfrost!)