Version 1.0.88 Released 02-23-2012

Thu, Feb 23, 2012

NOTE: The next version of Raid Hub will include an auto-updater. No more msi downloads unless you are starting from scratch!

New Features

* Tools Menu now has a Regular Expression Tester! * Mini-window can be made transparent and the font size can be changed. A status bar has been added to the bottom so can you move it while transparent, plus reserved some space for the new DPS/HPS parser (coming soon!) * Optionally minimize application to tray, toggle Tools->Preferences->Minimize to Tray as desired. This will only minimized the main window to tray, all other windows will remain visible.

Bug Fixes

* EQDKP+ commands A and G now work as expected * More error handling for EQDKP+ * Reduced “rest” time for spells and triggers. There was too much built-in slack time allowing early detections. Spells and Triggers will no longer re-hit earlier than expected. Given that spells/triggers can be a bit more random than the interval you specify, RH adjusts for early hit detection like this: 3 seconds prior to the time the warning speech kicks in, or 10 seconds prior to end of the interval, whichever is more. * Zone detection no longer updates the pop-down in the main window with zones that are not in your definitions. This fixes the zone detection problem. The zone list is now sorted! * Two-boxers using auto-detection in log settings will now get a popup asking for the logfile to lock to. This prevents the character swap spamming. * You can once again toggle IsAdmin in the Guild Management window. Be sure to hit tab to activate the save button.