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Server Status
Server Status

  • RaidHub Server Farm under Maintenance 02-15-2015 One of the servers in the farm bit the dust during an Azure outage. It is being restored (with no loss of data), but any guilds that were on “Node A” would have been unable to connect.
    ETA 30 minutes before Node A is back online in the US.
Latest News
Latest News

  • Limited RH Server Access
    Cloud instances are offline as the cost to run them is not worth keeping them alive with usage.

    Is there any interest in a run-your-own RH server, or a US-based “free” server?

    This will require a new client and some willing volunteers to try it out.

    Reply in forums if you are interested.



Raiders Corner
Raiders Corner

  • Supporting ALL EQDKP types Just a quick update – as of version 1.1.21, all versions of EQDKP are being supported.
    The Raids and Attendance and in-game commands all work for all versions.  Documentation will be updated to reflect this change.
    Previously just EQDKP+ 0.6 worked with R&A, but now it works for the original EQDKP release too!
    If you were waiting to ...