RaidHub Version 1.1.26 Released 02-15-2013

Fri, Feb 15, 2013

NEW Triggers can now use multi-hit/multi-source option. When this is enabled, the trigger will perform the detection while the timer is in the pre-warning phase. This lets you pick up a red-text that hits multiple players but keep the timer going without resetting. The restart on all detections option is mutually exclusive with this new […]

RaidHub Version 1.1.25 Hotfix Release 02-07-2013

Thu, Feb 7, 2013

Important hotfix release!  If the autoupdate is failing – please download and install the MSI FIXES Loot DKP Assignment window – crashing bug if EQDKP has not been configured Fixed save settings crashing bug Fixed crashing bug during initial run of RH Performance tweak to alert window – removed caching method that may be causing […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.24 Released 02-06-2013

Wed, Feb 6, 2013

Important update – the bug-bash continues – please pick this version up, it is looking far more stable now. NEW EQDKP 1.0 RC3 support – no longer case sensitive when applying attendees and loot to players. Previously the looter/attendee had to exactly match case. RH now locates the matching site name and uses that vs […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.23 Released 02-05-2013

Tue, Feb 5, 2013

1.1.21/22 were short-lived, 1.1.23 replaced them due to important hotfixes NEW Infections can now have a specified expiration duration!   If a duration of 0 is specified, the default behavior is used.  If you specify a non-zero value, the infection will disappear after that number of seconds exactly. Delta Timers can now use a detection count […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.20 Released 12-12-2012

Wed, Dec 12, 2012

FIXED Velium Blast II “bug” has been fixed. For the sake of speed the parser was choosing the “first” match versus validating an exact match when there were similar spell names.  The parser still uses the fast detection method, but now follows up with a closer inspection. EQDKP (non-plus) login validation has additional checks.

Raid Hub Version 1.1.19 Release 12-03-2012

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

Hotfix release, please update! FIXED A crashing bug caused by the new remedy/tts code has been fixed.

Raid Hub Version 1.1.18 Released 12-02-2012

Sun, Dec 2, 2012

NOTE: This is a very large release, any bugs in the new code will be fixed rapidly. This has been in testing for over a month and is stable for release. NEW FEATURES DirectX Overlays are now available! Improvements are still underway, but it’s now officially supported! Custom request – additional fields for eqdkp+ to […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.17 Released 09-22-2012

Sat, Sep 22, 2012

Quick hotfix release to fix 1 problem with the trigger editor, no other changes were included. HOTFIX: Importing RH Triggers work again (promise!)

RaidHub Version 1.1.16 Released 09-18-2012

Tue, Sep 18, 2012

This is a bugfix release only, no new features.  Please update to this version as it corrects many bugs in the setup wizard plus it has better character swapping detection. FIXES: Splash Window/Autoupdater is now a topmost window so it is easier to see there is a new version available EQDKP+ Raid Note no longer […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.15 Released 09-01-2012

Sat, Sep 1, 2012

NEW Admin Diagnostics – Admin can now force zone everyone to the same zone. See context menu in the Admin Diagnostics Dialog. FIXES Pet DPS is now included in the realtime dps display CHANGES Setup Wizard is now a “topmost” window so it will not popup behind the main window. Setup Wizard no longer modifies […]