Raid Hub Version 1.1.14 Released 08-29-2012

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

Hotfix release No functional issues – these are just some tweaks that needed to be made.  The sound initialization corrected itself after running the setup wizard, but this ensure it works all the time.  The rest of the fixes are editor related. FIXED: Startup when upgrading versions will now properly initialize the sound system. Creating a new […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.13 Released 08-27-2012

Mon, Aug 27, 2012

Highlights Archetype based filtering Setup Wizard Client Overrides completely redesigned Start/End of Encounter now working! This is fairly large release, please report any issues as soon as possible. NEW FEATURES Archetype Filtering is IN! Filters are “suppression filters”, they remove a matching archetype from notification. Filters are OFF by default so all players received notifications. […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.12 Released 07-26-2012 (HOTFIX!)

Thu, Jul 26, 2012

IMPORTANT HOTFIX: Triggers and Spell Timers that are set to broadcast will no longer “miss” or “skip”.   No more missing calls for Belkreiz or Dozekar (and others!) NOTE: Malteor Flamecaller has had the detriment “spell checked” – fix your Spell Timer for “Infernal Condundrum” to be “Infernal Conundrum”  Stealth change in GU64. * Server code has […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.11 Released 07-23-2012 (HOTFIX!)

Mon, Jul 23, 2012

HOTFIX: A race condition was found in the trigger parser, this hotfix will prevent the crash. I haven’t hit this bug but the chance for it happening did exist. If you are crashing on startup, please update! Error reported was: RaidHubClient.exe Error: 0 : Thread Exception Caught: Object reference not set to an instance of […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.10 Released 07-16-2012 (HOTFIX!)

Mon, Jul 16, 2012

IMPORTANT! This fixes trigger detections, please update now! CHANGES: EQDKP ItemID is no longer submitted from Assign Cost  Window – If you have issues with Item History in EQDKP let me know and I’ll assist with fixing it. FIXES: Triggers now properly restart during warning phase and when restart all detections is enabled.  

Raid Hub Version 1.1.9 Released 07-14-2012

Sat, Jul 14, 2012

IMPORTANT: This is a protocol breaking release – you MUST upgrade to this version if you are using a Raid Hub Server! New APIs have been implemented to support feature additions. New EDQKP: the assign DKP dialog now has a button at step 3 to submit the item to your site. The in-game macro didnt […]

Raid Hub Version 1.1.8 Released 06-16-2012

Sat, Jun 16, 2012

New Features: Client Diagnostics now displays definition merge conflicts and overrides – no more guessing what is wrong (or right!) DKP Assignment now writes the item macro for EQDKP+!  Typically you have to type in “/dkp i <some dragged item>@COST Player” for each assignment.  If you use the dialog for assigning DKP,  the command will […]

Raid Hub Client v1.1.7 Released 05-31-2012

Thu, May 31, 2012

IMPORTANT: This is a protocol breaking release – you MUST upgrade to this version if you are using a Raid Hub Server!  New APIs have been implemented to support feature additions. New Features Player and Mob phonetics are now supported! Don’t like how your name is pronounced, or the mob? You can now specify a […]

Raid Hub Client v1.1.6 Released 05-10-2012

Thu, May 10, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE! v1.1.5 has a logging bug which can cause parsing to stop, please update to 1.1.6 ASAP. New Features Log filename now returns to red if there is no log activity after 30 seconds Admin can now force a definition resync, see Tools->Definitions->Force Resync Bug Fixes Logging could stop if a line of non-timestamped […]

Raid Hub Client 1.1.5 Released 05-04-2012

Fri, May 4, 2012

This is primarily a performance release, with some minor additions.  Significant performance improvements have been made. New Feature You can now disable performance data collection to further reduce CPU usage, see Tools->Preferences->Performance Collection Enabled (this is on by default) Fixes Performance startup issue (and running issue) when loot window fills up with items with very long. […]