Community Timers and Triggers

This is the place to find Spell Timers and Triggers that will work with Raid Hub. Feel free to add/dispute/correct/refine what you find here, or just contribute something to the [General] section! Many of these timers and triggers are derived from EQ-Raiders.COM and/or refined from personal experience. If you are just getting started with Raid Hub, download the Community Definition Pack, extract the zip file, and copy the xml files into your “Client” directory. This zip file contains all zones and encounters with triggers and spell timers!
Copy XML files to:

C:\Program Files\Raid Hub Client\config\client
C:\Program Files (x86)\Raid Hub Client\config\client
If you have a Raid Hub Server Beta and want to use these timers, just copy them into the “Pending” directory and upload them. There will be a sync method in the UI soon to make this easier. All new subscriptions get these preloaded, there’s no need to do anything.