Raiders Corner

In this corner we have our raiders, and in the other corner is a monster. Who will win?

Hmm… there’s 2 healers AFK, an illy just turned himself into a genie, the MT has a cold, and someone just said Glee is on… perhaps we need a minute.

  • Supporting ALL EQDKP types Just a quick update – as of version 1.1.21, all versions of EQDKP are being supported. The Raids and Attendance and in-game commands all work for all versions.  Documentation will be updated to reflect this change. Previously just EQDKP+ 0.6 worked with R&A, but now it works for the original EQDKP release too! If you were waiting to upgrade to EQDKP+ 1.0 RC3, go for it! As always, if you need help, I’m here to assist.   Continue reading →
  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.19 Release 12-03-2012 Hotfix release, please update!


    A crashing bug caused by the new remedy/tts code has been fixed. Continue reading →
  • Raid Hub Version 1.1.18 Released 12-02-2012 NOTE: This is a very large release, any bugs in the new code will be fixed rapidly. This has been in testing for over a month and is stable for release.


    • DirectX Overlays are now available! Improvements are still underway, but it’s now officially supported!
    • Custom request – additional fields for eqdkp+ to specify currency type for submitted loot (new param currency_type=Platinum|DKP is now sent to additem.php, ignored if not implemented by your EQDKP installation.
    • Quorum Based Zoning – when you first login to your RH server you will have your zone set to the “most common” zone that everyone else in your guild has.
    • Trigger-based infections will now use group regex substitutions from the trigger pattern! This will be handy for Eudoxxus and other encounters.
    • Multi-Server configuration – you can now specify additional servers you connect to and switch between them easily from the main ui window. Existing single-server configurations will automatically migrate to the new multi-server setup.
    • The GuildID/Server in use can be seen via a tooltip in the status bar – hover over connection status.
    • A context menu has been added to the connection status text to switch to a different server/guildid


    • Reduced the minimum installer version so RH can be installed on Windows XP x64.
    • Updated client with additional gateways that are now available. When connecting to a RH server you first contact a gateway and are redirected to your server. The client will save the preferred location to speed up this process on subsequent connections.
    • Resizing transparent windows with ATI bugfix disabled is now easier.
    • EQDKP Setup now accepts an optional cookie name in case you have changed it from the default “eqdkp”
    • Experimental template changes for the alert window, this should make the DX overlays show colors normally.
    • Mini-output window now has all chat text included.


    • Audio should now initialize reliably
    • Switching characters now also sets your active archetype of the new character, oops!
    • Setup wizard now detects any changes and enables the SAVE button as needed.
    • If the TTS Engine is not setup properly RH would crash – instead you will get a warning and continue to function without TTS.
    • Setup Wizard now properly selects the voice you have specified vs defaulting to the first one in the list
    • New Zone creation – this now works as intended, it was not retaining the filename correctly and required restarting to see the zone in the list.
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  • Raid Hub with DirectX Overlays – Sneak Peak I’ve been hard at work getting this integrated, so here’s a sneak peak! Video on YouTube with Raid Hub working in full-screen with Overlays enabled: It’s still a work in progress, interested beta testers send an email to and I’ll send the link to the private build. Cheers! Mecrab   Continue reading →
  • Asking for Feedback! Hello Raiders! I’m looking for feedback on Raid Hub and as always ideas for future features. How is it working for you?  Good? Bad? So-So? Are the new features working ok and are they beneficial? What would you like to see added (or removed!). Documentation for new features does lag behind releases, I’ll be updating the site to reflect the current release over the next couple of days. Here’s what is in store for RH (not necessarily in order, but planned).  Some of these are in the works already, and will be released soon. 1) Allow admins to “force zone” everyone connected. 2) Split the alert window into 3 pieces so you can arrange them horizontally (or wherever) 3) Putting version control on definitions – some way to restore if you mess up! 4) Synchronizing with Community Definitions (oh and these are about to be updated!)  I’m thinking of separating the community definitions so everyone pulls them from the same spot, then you can override them as desired.   If you find something wrong, please let me know. 5) DirectX Overlay – this is actually working now, but not released.  RH windows will show up in-game for full-screen players. 6) Raid Replay integrations – the powershell script is useful but not very user friendly 7) Processor affinity and priority setting 8) Shared DKP assignment data 9) Selectable TTS voices (Windows 8 has 3 voices) 10) Shared sounds 11) Filters for spell timers and triggers by archetype 12) Self-repeating spell timers 13) Floating/Dockable Loot Window 14) XML file definition import and merge 15) Shared Real-time Parse + Merge with ACT 16) Guided Setup Wizard – getting started can be difficult 17) Multiple Release Types.  This is a big one and I’d like to know how much interest there is. I’m considering making a “light” version of RH without any of the editing or admin features, it would be stripped down and light-weight, simply a login and the alert windows/etc would pop up as desired. Also considering a DirectX Overlay Light version. We would end up with 3 clients to choose from: Raid Hub FX – full version, all features Raid Hub LX – light client, no admin features Raid Hub DX – DirectX Overlay light client 18) Multi-Language support – there’s interest in supporting non-english games 19) Other games!  There’s really no reason RH has to be locked to EQ2, what else would be good to support?  SWTOR/Rift/? 20) EQDKP+ 0.7 support Those are the big ticket items, but there’s always room for more! Cheers, Mecrab of Guk Continue reading →
  • Documentation for New Features

    Raid Hub is always evolving to make managing and using it easier. With new features come new docs!

    Here are some links to new documentation: New Docs for Administrators Managing Phonetics and Archetypes Managing Hub Definitions Admin Diagnostics   New Docs for Users Managing Client Definitions Client Diagnostics Continue reading →
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Manage? Making it all work! The primary goal of Raid Hub is to make raids go smoother. One of big obstacles is to get everyone setup correctly. Even though there are just a few configurable client options, multiple problems can still crop up. Version 1.1.7 introduced two new diagnostics, one for the regular user, and one for admins. If you’re having trouble getting Raid Hub to work (recognize spell hits, triggers, etc), try out the new Client Diagnostics window found under Tools. If anything is red – the advice column will tell you how to fix it. On the main window, the active zone now changes from Red to Green when it is detected or set manually. For admins, you can now “see” what the connected clients are doing, including:
    1. What log file is being used
    2. Has it incremented, and when?
    3. Are they set to automatic or manual?
    4. Are they running the latest version?
    5. What is their current character set to?
    6. What zone is their client set to?
    7. How much CPU/Memory is RH using?
    8. And as a bonus you can see their real-time DPS/HPS/PPS.
    Why expose all of this information?  Admins can quickly check if everyone is working and help correct any problems with client configurations. Documentation will be updated shortly with screen shots and full details, in the meantime, check out the new diagnostics!   Cheers, Mecrab   Continue reading →
  • Skyshrine Definitions v1.1 now available
    This a second pass at GU63 Skyshrine zones. Fixed Arreken’s name, and added more timers/triggers! There will be a “sync” process added to Raid Hub soon to make merging these easier. Have something to add? Or Fix? Let me know! Cheers, Mecrab
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  • Skyshrine Definitions Now Available!
    This a first pass at GU63 Skyshrine zones. Many thanks to the folks at EQ-Raiders.COM, and Purgatory’s mendor bot for figuring these out. There will be a “sync” process added to Raid Hub soon to make updates easier. Cheers, Mecrab
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  • Community Definition Pack! All community spell timers and triggers are now available in a single zip file. So head on over to the Community Definitions area and grab the latest! You can use these definitions without a Raid Hub Server by copying the XML files into your Client directory. You can upload new definitions to a Raid Hub Server by copying them into the “Pending” directory and uploading them. NOTE: All Raid Hub Server Beta subscribers get these pre-loaded. Soon this will all be in the UI 🙂 Good luck raiding and contribute some timers/triggers if you want to help out. Cheers, Mecrab of Guk Continue reading →