Asking for Feedback!

Sun, Jul 15, 2012 Hello Raiders! I’m looking for feedback on Raid Hub and as always ideas for future features. How is it working for you?  Good? Bad? So-So? Are the new features working ok and are they beneficial? What would you like to see added (or removed!). Documentation for new features does lag behind releases, I’ll be updating the site to reflect the current release over the next couple of days. Here’s what is in store for RH (not necessarily in order, but planned).  Some of these are in the works already, and will be released soon. 1) Allow admins to “force zone” everyone connected. 2) Split the alert window into 3 pieces so you can arrange them horizontally (or wherever) 3) Putting version control on definitions – some way to restore if you mess up! 4) Synchronizing with Community Definitions (oh and these are about to be updated!)  I’m thinking of separating the community definitions so everyone pulls them from the same spot, then you can override them as desired.   If you find something wrong, please let me know. 5) DirectX Overlay – this is actually working now, but not released.  RH windows will show up in-game for full-screen players. 6) Raid Replay integrations – the powershell script is useful but not very user friendly 7) Processor affinity and priority setting 8) Shared DKP assignment data 9) Selectable TTS voices (Windows 8 has 3 voices) 10) Shared sounds 11) Filters for spell timers and triggers by archetype 12) Self-repeating spell timers 13) Floating/Dockable Loot Window 14) XML file definition import and merge 15) Shared Real-time Parse + Merge with ACT 16) Guided Setup Wizard – getting started can be difficult 17) Multiple Release Types.  This is a big one and I’d like to know how much interest there is. I’m considering making a “light” version of RH without any of the editing or admin features, it would be stripped down and light-weight, simply a login and the alert windows/etc would pop up as desired. Also considering a DirectX Overlay Light version. We would end up with 3 clients to choose from: Raid Hub FX – full version, all features Raid Hub LX – light client, no admin features Raid Hub DX – DirectX Overlay light client 18) Multi-Language support – there’s interest in supporting non-english games 19) Other games!  There’s really no reason RH has to be locked to EQ2, what else would be good to support?  SWTOR/Rift/? 20) EQDKP+ 0.7 support Those are the big ticket items, but there’s always room for more! Cheers, Mecrab of Guk