Easy to Use and Easy to Manage? Making it all work!

Thu, May 31, 2012 The primary goal of Raid Hub is to make raids go smoother. One of big obstacles is to get everyone setup correctly. Even though there are just a few configurable client options, multiple problems can still crop up. Version 1.1.7 introduced two new diagnostics, one for the regular user, and one for admins. If you’re having trouble getting Raid Hub to work (recognize spell hits, triggers, etc), try out the new Client Diagnostics window found under Tools. If anything is red – the advice column will tell you how to fix it. On the main window, the active zone now changes from Red to Green when it is detected or set manually. For admins, you can now “see” what the connected clients are doing, including:
  1. What log file is being used
  2. Has it incremented, and when?
  3. Are they set to automatic or manual?
  4. Are they running the latest version?
  5. What is their current character set to?
  6. What zone is their client set to?
  7. How much CPU/Memory is RH using?
  8. And as a bonus you can see their real-time DPS/HPS/PPS.
Why expose all of this information?  Admins can quickly check if everyone is working and help correct any problems with client configurations. Documentation will be updated shortly with screen shots and full details, in the meantime, check out the new diagnostics!   Cheers, Mecrab