Introducing Delta Timers!

Tue, Nov 15, 2011

Introducing Delta Timers and Importing XML Snippets!

Two new features in Raid Hub! One novel, delta timers, and one useful, importing XML Snippets. Delta Timers are unique to Raid Hub, allowing a timer to modify itself over the duration of an encounter. Delta Settings include:
  • Delta Seconds: Number of seconds +/- to add per detection
  • Delta Count: Number of times to apply the delta, zero for always
  • Delta Reset: Number of detections before delta resets.
A good example is the Mystikus Terrorwing encounter, where the adds spawn at different times, but still in a predictable manner. The first add spawns at 80 seconds into the encounter, then a pair of adds spawn 115 seconds later, then three adds at 150 seconds from then on. A delta trigger can be setup to track this easily. Since hitting the named when the adds spawn ends in disaster, it’s critical to get a heads up when the adds will spawn and the NPC will port. Here’s a trigger for Mystikus Terrorwing.
Mystikus Terrorwing Adds

    <ParseTrigger Name="Mystikus Terrorwing Adds" SpeechName="" EncounterName="Mystikus Terrorwing" Pattern="a toxic elemental" TimerSeconds="35" EnableSpeech="True" IsEnabled="True" BroadcastEnabled="False" DisplayTimer="True" DetectionText="Adds spawned!" DetectionTextColor="SandyBrown" DetectionSpeak="Adds Spawned" DetectionSound="" WarningSeconds="5" WarningText="Adds coming in 5 seconds!" WarningTextColor="Yellow" WarningSound="" WarningSpeak="Adds in 5 seconds!" WarningSpeakOffset="2" RemoveSeconds="15" DetectionWriteFile="" DetectionWriteFileText="" DeltaEnabled="True" DeltaSeconds="35" DeltaCount="3" DeltaReset="0" />
To import this into Raid Hub, pull up your Trigger Editor, select the zone Tallon’s Stronghold, and right-click in triggers area. You will get a context menu: choose Import Raid Hub Trigger, and paste in the text above. Spell Timers work similarly, there’s an import option for XML snippets, and delta timer options as well.