Replaying a Raid

Wed, Nov 23, 2011

Replaying a Raid

While working on this program I needed to have a way to replay raids to make sure the triggers and spell timers were working properly. Ideally it could play back a section of a log file, or just the whole thing. I wrote a quick script in powershell to do this for me, and even though it’s not pretty, I wanted to share it so you can refine your timers and be assured this is going to work when it needs to.

Here’s the script:

Here’s how I use it:

Open ACT, use the history database to locate an encounter, select Main, right click the encounter and select View Logs, in the dialog that pops up, hit copy all. Startup Wordpad (yes that!) , and paste the clipboard into it. Next hit File->Save As, and for Save as type select: Text Document – MS-DOS Format. Now you’re ready to replay! In Raid Hub, change your log settings (File->Log Settings) to Manual, and specify a new log file. I set mine to C:\temp\mylogs\eq2log_mecrab.txt Startup powershell.exe (Start->Run powershell.exe), and replay an entire fight: If you are new to powershell, you’ll need to enter this first (only has to be done once, ever)
Allow Powershell Scripts to Run
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Running ReplayRaid Script
.\replayraid.ps1 modrfrost.txt c:\temp\mylogs\eq2log_mecrab.txt
The script will start playing the raid in realtime, it’s not “exact” and may play a little faster than it should. I’m working on a GUI-based raid replayer that will make this much easier.  Until that is ready, you can use this method to validate your Spell Timers and Triggers. Cheers, Mecrab of Guk