Raid Hub Version 1.1.18 Released 12-02-2012

Sun, Dec 2, 2012 NOTE: This is a very large release, any bugs in the new code will be fixed rapidly. This has been in testing for over a month and is stable for release.


  • DirectX Overlays are now available! Improvements are still underway, but it’s now officially supported!
  • Custom request – additional fields for eqdkp+ to specify currency type for submitted loot (new param currency_type=Platinum|DKP is now sent to additem.php, ignored if not implemented by your EQDKP installation.
  • Quorum Based Zoning – when you first login to your RH server you will have your zone set to the “most common” zone that everyone else in your guild has.
  • Trigger-based infections will now use group regex substitutions from the trigger pattern! This will be handy for Eudoxxus and other encounters.
  • Multi-Server configuration – you can now specify additional servers you connect to and switch between them easily from the main ui window. Existing single-server configurations will automatically migrate to the new multi-server setup.
  • The GuildID/Server in use can be seen via a tooltip in the status bar – hover over connection status.
  • A context menu has been added to the connection status text to switch to a different server/guildid


  • Reduced the minimum installer version so RH can be installed on Windows XP x64.
  • Updated client with additional gateways that are now available. When connecting to a RH server you first contact a gateway and are redirected to your server. The client will save the preferred location to speed up this process on subsequent connections.
  • Resizing transparent windows with ATI bugfix disabled is now easier.
  • EQDKP Setup now accepts an optional cookie name in case you have changed it from the default “eqdkp”
  • Experimental template changes for the alert window, this should make the DX overlays show colors normally.
  • Mini-output window now has all chat text included.


  • Audio should now initialize reliably
  • Switching characters now also sets your active archetype of the new character, oops!
  • Setup wizard now detects any changes and enables the SAVE button as needed.
  • If the TTS Engine is not setup properly RH would crash – instead you will get a warning and continue to function without TTS.
  • Setup Wizard now properly selects the voice you have specified vs defaulting to the first one in the list
  • New Zone creation – this now works as intended, it was not retaining the filename correctly and required restarting to see the zone in the list.