Version 1.0.54 09/24/2011

Sun, Sep 25, 2011
  • Now uses for updates
  • New icon for new site!
  • No longer hangs/repeats parsing latest client version
  • When site is down, will try 5 times and abort
  • All dialog boxes now save their positions
  • When update is needed, client closes automatically once link is clicked
  • New checkbox to hide offline players (disabled for now)
  • During initial setup you can now specify only a manual file (automatic method still recommended)
  • Parse window is now optionally transparent!
  • Parse now uses ACT text export file instead of clipboard, see docs for details
  • Parse window now shows DPS and HPS, plus total encounter DPS
  • Swiping has been implemented! SpellTimers now have a swipeable checkbox.  RH will also track multiple swipes! Countdown timer will show if it is swiped.
  • Fixed double trigger detection
  • Admins can now remove zone files from the hub using the definition management dialog
  • New Loot window options – now handles DKP!
  • Multi-target spell timers now generates multiple macro files, in incrementing order, see docs for details