Version 1.0.73 Released 12-10-2011

Sat, Dec 10, 2011

New Features

  • You can now force zone the client! The current zone in the status bar is now a drop down and forces the client to “enter” a zone, this is useful for testing timers and triggers.
  • You can now see what triggers/timers are in effect based on your zone, simply hover over the View Actives in the status bar!
  • Status bar now shows the number of lines parsed from your log file, an easy way to be sure everything is working!
  • You can now delete client definition files from the UI, select Tools->Client Definition Management

Bug Fixes

  • The alert window is now much leaner, all information is displayed on a single line!
  • DKP Management has been redesigned, even a caveman can do it!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Macros are now written to your EQ2 installation directory if no path is specified.

Bug Fixes

  • Text output from spell detections was showing the previous target on hit detection. The infection window however displayed the correct info.
  • Deleting an encounter with the same name in another zone no longer deletes them everywhere
  • Speech could crash the client if too much overlap occurs, now detects this and requeues speech.