Version 1.0.85 Released 02-14-2012

Tue, Feb 14, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Protocol Changing Release, prior versions will not work with new server code!

New Features

  • EQDKP+ is now supported! See website for details
  • Guild Management – creating new members is much easier! You can now set the password and admin state in one dialog box.
  • Loot Window has more export options
  • Loot DKP Assignment has been changed to Loot Cost assignment, with either DKP or Platinum as selectable currencies. Exporting will reflect the current type.
  • Variable ${WARNAT} is now available in triggers and spell timers warning text/speech
  • Early Spell and Trigger hits are detected after 30 seconds, no more missed detections due to long timer settings.
  • You can now hide offline players, see checkbox at bottom of main window. The default setting is to hide them.
  • Loot window now saves and restores its content in case of crash or restart. Use the Clear context- menu to purge loot history.


  • Performance improvements to increase parsing speed, now uses even less CPU!
  • Triggers and Spell Timers that show detections by YOU now display your Character name
  • Now checks for new parses from ACT every 10 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Importing a Raid Hub Trigger now supports complex regular expressions
  • ${TRIGGEREDBY} now substitutes properly for triggers
  • On initial sync with server, the zones in the main window popdown are now populated. They are also updated on changes and new zone creations
  • Broadcast Spell Timers for a [General] encounter are now supported
  • Broadcast Triggers are working for both [General] and specific zones.
  • Better messaging when server logins fail or disconnects occur.

Behind the Scenes:

Server code has been updated to significantly reduce lag when any client goes linkdead, nothing is held up by a slow connection. Player login state and current characters issues have been resolved. More features are coming, this client and server release needs some bake time before any more changes are introduced.