Admin Diagnostics

If you are an administrator of a Raid Hub Server Account, there is a diagnostics dialog available under Tools->Admin Diagnostics. There are a number of columns displayed, here are the key ones to look for issues: Current Character – If this is empty, then they’re log path is likely wrong or the log file is not incrementing Client Version – Make sure they are running the latest! Tick Count – Make sure this is greater than zero and increments over time Zone – Make sure they have the right zone detected Other “interesting columns” Client Time, Last Parse Time Generally these two times will stay close together. If they are more than 2 seconds apart, they are likely not logging (tick count will remain the same after multiple refreshes. This dialog will be enhanced further to highlight potential problems, but is very useful as-is to get everyone working.

Player without a zone selected

This example shows a connected player that has not selected a zone. If they do not have a zone selected, they won’t have the correct set of active triggers and spell timers. You should tell them to type /who in game, wait 30 seconds and refresh to see if they are set correctly. Note that the Tick column is 0, this player is definitely not working.

Player has zone selected

Player will now show the correct zone, they will now send broadcasts and get alerts Note still though the Tick Count is 0, they are not logging.

Player setup correctly

Here’s what a “good” status line looks like:

All columns are good: Current Character is set Client Version is up to date Tick Count is greater than 0 Last Parse Time and Client Time are “close” Zone is set As a bonus you can also see CPU/Memory usage, as well as DPS/HPS/PPS in the Real Time Parse Tab. You can also view the last 100 spell timer and trigger broadcasts: