Client Diagnostics

There is a diagnostics dialog available under Tools->Client Diagnostics, it looks like this:

Each section of the dialog will expand if there is a problem detected, along with an advice column on how to fix it. More diagnostics are being added over time to help diagnose common issues. Here’s what each section covers:

Raid Hub Server

This section ensures you have configured your login settings and that you are connected to the server. Fixing problems in this section is done by selecting File->Server Settings and entering the correct information, then hitting File->Auto Connect (or File->Connect)

Log Detection

This section ensure you have a valid path to your log files and that a log file has been detected automatically/manually, and also that the parser is incrementing. Fixing issues here can be done by selecting File->Log Settings, and entering a valid path. If the log file is not incrementing, try typing /log in-game. NOTE: The “Log File Incrementing” will be marked Red if you are not in-game, since the logfile will not be updating.

Path to Everquest II

The location of the executable Everquest2.exe is “relative” to your log path, if this is red, fix your path to your log file. Without this, shared parses and macro writing will not function.

Zone Detected

In addition to the main window “Active Zone” popdown being red, this will also be red if you do not have a zone selected. Normally Raid Hub will detect your current zone, and if it matches a zone in the definitions it will update automatically. Typing /who in-game will auto-set the zone for you.