Delta Spell Timers and Triggers

This exciting new feature demonstrates how Raid Hub is built for current game mechanics. When you’re fighting a boss that speeds up spell casting (like Aranae Acrimae in Sullon’s Spire), you need to know ahead of time when a joust may be needed, or a cure needs to take place. Raid Hub now has delta settings for Spell Timers and Triggers to address this game mechanic. There is a new configuration section called “Delta Configuration” which looks like this:

Check the enabled checkbox to enable/disable the delta settings. In “Seconds” you enter a positive or negative number that will be used to adjust the timer per detection. In “Count” you can limit the number of times the “Seconds” is applied With “Reset After” you can restart a delta from the beginning. This is easiest to understand with a couple of real examples.

Example: Aranae Acrimae

Aranae Acrimae (normal mode) casts Force of the Web faster and faster, until you reach a fail condition. Create a spell timer like this:
Force of the Web
Spell Name: Force of the Web Timer: 80 Delta Configuration: Enabled: Yes Seconds: -5 Count: 0 Reset After: 0
Whenever Force of the Web hits, the Timer will be decremented by 5.

Example: Mystikus Terrorwing

Mystikus Terrorwing provides a good example of a delta modified trigger. During this fight, there are adds that spawn at changing intervals.  You actually get 1 add the first time the NPC ports, then 2 the next port (with a little more time to kill the second add), then a fixed respawn thereafter. Knowing when this is going to happen will help quite a bit. You can create a trigger that detects the adds spawning, and use the delta configuration to adjust when the trigger goes off! Create a trigger with the following:
Mystikus Adds
Pattern: <?<ADDNAME>a toxic elemental> Timer: 80 Delta Configuration: Enabled: Yes Seconds: 35 Count: 2 Reset After: 0 Warning Text: {ADDNAME} coming in 5 seconds Warning Speak: Adds coming in 5 seconds
When the first add spawns, you will get a trigger that modifies itself 3 times. You’ll get a detection at 35 seconds, 80, 115, 150, 150, 150, etc.