NOTE: This is only for v2.1.x, once v2.2 is released, the dialog will change.
Select Tools->EQDKP+ Settings, you will see this dialog:  
  • Select EQDKP+ 2.1 as the version.
  • Cookie name is not used.
  • Retry code and user agent can be left as default.
  • Enter the web address to your EQDKPlus 2.1.x site in Site URL
  • User Name: This can be anything – it will be used in the comments during raid creation (Raid X Created by Y)
  • Password: Enter your CORE API key here.  This can be found at:eqdkpplus2_settings3
You can then hit Refresh Events to pull down your event list.  For each event, create an alias to be used in game, and hit OK. You should see the fields update similar to this: eqdkpplus2_settings2
You’re all set to use the /dkp commands!