EQDKP+ Raids and Attendance

There is a new dialog to assist with attendance when using EQDKP+ 0.6 (support for 0.7 coming soon!) This dialog allows you to: 1) Select a set of attendees for inclusion in raid or for point adjustments. 1) Create a new Raid with the selected set of players, assign a value for the raid, and a note 2) Add individual adjustments to attendees associated with the most recent raid created Launch the new dialog by selecting Tools->EQDKP Raids and Attendance, this dialog will show up. NOTE: You should use the setup wizard to configure your connection to your EQDKP+ site.

At launch, this dialog will query your EQDKP+ site for a list of raids and events. The available attendees is the full list of users setup to use Raid Hub. You can manually add entries to the available list if needed. All currently logged in players will be automatically added to the Attendees listbox. Add/Remove as needed. Creating A New Raid Step 2 This step allows you to select a raid that already exists on your site (the latest raid is always chosen by default), or create a new raid associated with an event, add a note, and a value. The attendees will be whatever is in the listbox in Step 1. This screenshots shows a selected event and a Raid Value of 1, with a “Farming SS” comment.

Step 3 This step will add individual adjustments to the attendees selected in step 1. Enter a value and optional comment, then hit sumbit to site. Output/progress is displayed as the adjustments are made. Any issues will be displayed there, as well as results in the status bar at the bottom of the dialog box. This screenshot shows individual adjustments being made using the recently created raid.