Creating Categories, Zones, and Encounters

To make all of the Spell Timers/Triggers/Strategy guides work, you will need to start with the Spell Timer Editor. NOTE:  Some of this functionality also exists in the Trigger Editor, but it is easier to just start with the Spell Timer Editor Once you have completed all five steps, the other editors will function as they now have category/zone/encounter data to work with. Select Edit->Spell Timers

Initially you will start with nothing defined, the editor will look like this:

Step One: Create a Category

A category is anything you want, and is used to group Zones together.  Using the current expansion is a good idea. Right-Click in the category section, and select Add Category

Enter a name for the Category in the dialog box:

Hit OK, and you will see the new category in the listbox:

Step Two: Create a Zone

Next, you need to create a Zone.  This is the exact zone name that EQ2 displays when you zone inside. For this example we’ll use: Kraytoc’s Fortress of Rime. Select the Category you just created, then in the zone listbox, right-click and select Add Zone

Enter the name of the zone and a filename to store it. Note: The actual file is an XML file, do not add “.xml”

The editor will now look like this:

NOTE: Nothing has been saved at this point, you must create an encounter and a spell timer to save.  If you hit cancel, you will have to start over!

Step Three: Create an Encounter

For this example we’ll use: Brendegor Bitelimb Select the new zone “Kraytoc’s Fortress of Rime” and right click in the Encounters listbox, and select Add Encounter

Enter the name of an NPC, for this example we’ll use Brendegor Bitelimb

The editor will now contain:

Step Four: Create a Spell Timer

The last step is to create a Spell Timer.  If you don’t know anything about the NPC, just create a fake one, and mark it “disabled” This example continues with Brendegor Bitelimb. Select Brendegor Bitelimb in encounter listbox, then right click under the Spell Timers section and select Add

A new spell timer is inserted into the listbox:

In the spell name, change to “Crushing Boot”, and set the interval to 50


Step Five: Upload!

In the main window, select Tools->Definitions->Upload Pending Definitions

You can now go to the Strategy window and enter strategies for the NPC.  You can also go to the Trigger Editor to add triggers.