You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 before running Raid Hub.  If you do launch Raid Hub without this installed, Raid Hub will prompt you if you want to download it.  It’s best to just install it beforehand since it will force you to reboot.  You can download the Framework here

Windows 7 Installation

Download the application installer, then select “run” NOTE: For IE9 you may get a warning from SmartScreen and have to click additional menus to run the application.

Select RUN


Select Run Anyway Once the installer has started, simply click next until it has completed the installation. You will end up with an icon like this

on your desktop. You will also have a menu entry for Raid Hub, use either to start Raid Hub.

Windows 8 Installation

Similar to Windows 7, select download and run, you will see a box like this:

Select Run, and you will see this screen:

Select “More Info”

Select Run anyway, and the installation will continue. Sometimes SmartScreen does not work, and you will just get this dialog:

Select Run anyway, and the installation will continue.