Raid Hub uses text file exports from ACT.  Whenever an encounter ends, Raid Hub will check for a specific file to read and send the results to other players as well as updating your Parse Window.

Quick Setup using ACT XML Configuration Import

Here’s a config for ACT that can be imported. Copy the block below and save it to act-rh-parse-export.xml, then inside ACT, select Options->Configuration Import/Export, then Import, and pick the act-rh-parse-export.xml file saved. Alternatively you can download it from here

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <Format PlayerFormat="RH|{name}|{encdps}|{enchps}{n}" AlliesFormat="RH|{title}|{encdps}|{enchps}{n}" Sorting="EncDPS" ShowOnlyAllies="True" ShowAlliesInfo="True" />
        <MacroExport Checked="True" Align="False" Channel="gsay" File="rh-export.txt" MaxLines="30" PresetIndex="0" />
        <CheckBox Name="cbExportFilterSpace" Value="True" />
        <CheckBox Name="cbExText" Value="True" />
        <Combobox Name="ddlClipFormat" Value="False" />

Manual Method

You will need to configure ACT like this:
  1. Select the Options Tab
  2. Select Text Export Settings under Output Display
  3. Click Add Preset

Add Preset

You now need to create a new preset, click Add Preset.

Under Allies Formatting, hit edit directly, and type in: RH|{title}|{encdps}|{enchps}{n} Under Per-Combatant Formatting, hit edit directly, and type in: RH|{name}|{encdps}|{enchps}{n} Your window should look like this:

Next, hit the button Add Text Format Preset, and close the window.

Create the Export

In the Export to EQ2 Macro File after combat section, select the new preset in the combobox. Uncheck Align Enter 30 for Maximum number of lines to attempt to export Under EQ2 Command, enter: rh-export.txt NOTE: Do not specify a path, Raid Hub looks in your EQ2 directory for this file. Finally, click Add, which completes the setup.