About Strategies

Accessing strategies during a raid often means hunting through a guild website or are limited to the raid leader’s knowledge. Raid Hub lets you keep all of your strategies in one place. Players can read the strategies and be prepared for each encounter. You can also include diagrams and share everything you know about an encounter right in Raid Hub for everyone to see. Once you have zones and encounters defined, you can now create and edit strategies for those encounters.

Creating/Editing Strategies

Every encounter has an associated strategy that is empty by default. In the main window, click the Strategies button to start the editor.

In the edit window you can directly add/remove text, or you can paste from another editor (WordPad/etc), including images.

Editing a Strategy

Right-click in the text area to edit the strategy.

Saving Changes

Once your edits are finished, right-click again and select Save Changes in the context menu.

Discarding Changes

If you want to completely discard your edits, select Cancel Changes and your old strategy will reappear intact.