About Spell Timers

Spell Timers are used to detect when an NPC performs a certain ability, and predict when it will next occur. As Everquest 2 has evolved, so have the abilities of each encounter. Raid Hub address all of the current game mechanics including: 1) Fixed interval (a spell lands every N seconds) 2) Extended interval (player ability modifies the duration – aka Swipe) 3) Delta interval (spell frequency increases or decreases over time) The Alert window is the primary method for displaying these AOE’s. Raid Hub includes Text-To-Speech (TTS), custom sounds, and chat-window text output to give you the most flexibility possible. In addition, Raid Hub allows you to create Spell Timers that are shared across all connected players, without having them worry about setting them up. You can change them as often as you wish, and send them to everyone that is connected. Not only can you receive “trigger” notifications when you are out of range, you can also receive AOE notifications! This can be very useful for long range pulls.

About Triggers

A Trigger is simply a regular expression matcher. You can match any text that appears in your eq2 logfile. Triggers are commonly used to coordinate jousting AOEs, red-text warnings, add spawn detections, and debuff expirations. Just like Spell Timers, Triggers also come with multiple options. 1) Progressbar/Timer optional 2) Fixed intervals 3) Delta intervals Trigger detections can also be broadcast to other connected players if you have a Raid Hub Server. In many encounters a single player (or a couple of players) will receive a red-text warning or detriment that nobody else can see. A trigger can be used to detect it and inform everyone else.